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TUC is the expression of Dr Yanni Xu's dream to see many more people benefit from first-class aesthetic treatment.

We pride ourselves on the broad service offering at our clinic, helping more people in more places comprehensively address their skincare complaint. From acne, skin brightening, skin brightening, pigmentation and rosacea to body contouring, hyperhidrosis and stretch marks, we provide a wide, but carefully curated, selection of treatments to give people everywhere the chance to achieve their chosen goals.

Based centrally in Raffles City Mall, our aesthetic clinic is a favourite of people across Singapore, working hard to deliver the best for our patients. Discover the cutting-edge of skincare and aesthetic treatments and start a conversation with our team today.

A Cup of Green Tea Philosophy

Get the results you want without the stress. While previously complex, lengthy and often resulting in long healing times, aesthetic technology has come a long way. Today, aesthetic treatment is fuss-free, painless and affordable.

The Urban Clinic has taken pains to invest in the latest technology, ensuring that every clinic can enjoy the city’s highest standards of treatment. Enjoying clear and luminous skin, a beautifully sculptured face and a defined silhouette is not much more difficult than sitting down for a soothing cup of green tea when you choose to work with our talented team.

At the heart of our business is a dedication to our patients. Our values of professionalism, accessibility and continued development are all in service of supporting you on your journey to health, wellness and beauty. Discover a superior way to live and discuss your goals with one of the Urban Clinic team today.

The smarter choice

Take the time out to look after yourself and book some time with the team at The Urban Clinic. Discuss your goals with +(65) 6254 0407 or +(65) 6254 0419 or send us any questions via email at and our staff will be happy to help.

The Urban Clinic Here at The Urban Clinic, we understand that skin concerns can severely impact one’s quality of life and are confident that we can change the way you treat and perceive your skin