Dr. Emma Xu


In her youth, Dr Emma was always passionate about art however whilst pursuing medicine, her hectic schedule prevented her from further exploring her interest.

In a stroke of true serendipity, cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics has allowed her to infuse her love for beauty and perfection into her daily job as a doctor. Dr Emma’s passion and commitment to bringing the beauty in every patient is the driving force behind her practice.

Since 2017, Dr Emma has been at The Urban Clinic inspiring happiness and confidence in her patients. She believes that for a satisfactory patient outcome, the physician must not only be able to deliver in the patient’s choiced treatment but also actively guide the patient in a customized treatment plan that delivers a desired result. To achieve this, Dr Emma attends local and international conferences and workshops, to remain informed and current in evidence-based medicine that is pivotal to achieving the best patient outcomes.

Her speciality interests are in injectables and anti-ageing. She trains extensively in cosmetic volumization for a natural facial restoration and beautification. She believes that the key to a successful injectable treatment is her aesthetic sense and eye for beauty, which has been honed from her many years of pursuing art since young.

Dr Emma treats every day’s work in the clinic as an avenue for her creativity to flow and views her job with passion and dedication. She holds every patient close to her heart and treats them with utmost honesty, sincerity and love.

Outside of work, Dr Emma is a wife and mum to a very mischievous but utterly adorable 2 year old baby girl and a truly greedy but fiercely loyal poodle. She especially enjoys travelling and exploring various places in this beautiful world!

We should all live seeing the beauty in the world. Let us help the world see the beauty in you.