The Urban Clinic Here at The Urban Clinic, we understand that skin concerns can severely impact one’s quality of life and are confident that we can change the way you treat and perceive your skin
  • November 29, 2016
  • By TUC



Take the first step to the best skin of your life today

Nobody has perfect skin.

However, it is never too early (or too late!) to address a problem and find the appropriate treatment. That’s why Singapore skin expert The Urban Clinic starts every consultation with a LifeViz facial analysis.

This powerful 3D camera after takes your picture in three short snaps and reproduces it in a lifelike computerized image. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. Never before will you get such a clear and vivid idea of your current skin condition.

The doctors of The Urban Clinic will then proceed to give you a customized skincare plan, which can help you address anything from acne to ageing.

Why is a LifeViz facial analysis so important?

  • It is a powerful diagnostic tool. You can see your skin up close and see very faint blemishes or the earliest signs of ageing.
  • It helps you take a more active role in your treatment. A lot of skin conditions are hard for a layman to understand. Your doctor can use the pictures to explain your problem and how extensive it is – from wrinkes, pigmentation issues, where your skin is starting to lose elasticity etc. Thus, by providing a a clearer diagnostic, the patients are The Urban Clinic are empowered, comfortable and confident about the decisions they make with the Doctor.
  • It documents the results. The LifeViz facial analysis will show your skin’s improvements over time by the treatments that the Doctor will provide. You can see changes in texture, the number of fine lines, or the color, size of a blemish and more.

How much does the LifeViz facial analysis cost?

The Urban Clinic includes this breakthrough beauty technology in every consultation. It is part of the clinic’s commitment to giving to offering patients professional aesthetic services in Singapore.