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We want you to build an effective skincare routine that works for you. That means understanding your skin type.

N-Follicle Anti-Inflammation Hair Care Set


Designed to enhance your hair care routine. Our formulated products target the root of hair and scalp issues, promoting healthier, stronger, and more resilient hair.

Set includes:

1 x N-FOLLICLE Hair Anagen Shampoo 300ml
Repairs and strengthens the scalp. Improves hair growth and protect it from damage and split hair strands.

1 x N-FOLLICLE Hair Anagen Conditioner 300ml
Boosts hydration and moisture retention and helps strengthen damaged brittle strands, preventing cuticles from cracking and supporting hair growth.

1 x N-FOLLICLE Scalp Treatment Mask 150ml
Protects and moisturizes the scalp, nourishing weakened hair roots with essential nutrients. Gently removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores and restores scalp’s protective layer, promoting ideal scalp conditions with less sebum and less flaking.


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