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Excel V

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Excel V’s unique design combines two different laser hand pieces and wavelength in one system. It is a best-in-class technology for the treatment of pigmentation, telangiectasia, rosacea and aging.

The Coolview hand piece from the excel V has two wavelengths (532nm-KTP and 1064nm – Nd:YAG) that is ideal for treating a vast range of vascular and pigmented lesions. The sapphire glass ensures that the procedure is comfortable for the patient and requires no numb cream.

The other handpiece is the Genesis V, a patented 1064nm laser genesis. It is a popular treatment with no downtime. This laser can help reduce facial redness, shrink pore size, smooth facial texture, and even help help acne breakouts and scarring. It further stimulates new collagen building a few months after the procedure.

  • No numb cream needed
  • No/ Minimal discomfort
  • Minimal downtime – some pinkness on the skin which eases within a few hours
  • Procedure time 15 – 30 minutes