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Vacuum mud

Vacuum Mud

  • Natural diatomaceous earth with liquorice extracts

Natural Exfoliator


Paraben Free formula

Suitable for all skin types

The negatively charged mud binds and draws out toxins, heals and regenerates skin. The natural exfoliating mixture clears acne and prevents further skin clogging. Liquorice, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 provide extra soothing and anti-oxidant properties.

Directions: Wash your face thoroughly,  towel dry before applying one teaspoon of product onto your entire face. Rinse off thoroughly after 15-20 minutes.


  • May experience a slight tingling sensation.
  • Stop use if you experience intense stinging, redness or itch.
  • Skin might look a bit pink for a few minutes after application due to the increased blood flow to face.
  • Keep the product away from direct heat or light.
  • For sensitive skin, apply a thin layer and leave the mask on for a shorter time. Increase the frequency and duration depending on how the skin feels.

-manufactured under license in Taiwan for The Urban Clinic Pte ltd

Distributed by The Urban Clinic Pte Ltd

19 Kim Keat Road

Fu Tsu Building #09-02

Singapore 328804

Note: 30ml jar


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