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Dr. Yanmin heads the weight loss and body clinic and has performed the most Sculpsure procedures at TUC. She and her team at the weight loss clinic will customised a program specifically for your body type and lifestyle. Dr. Yanni’s experience as a mother of two has led her to create a series of treatments to acknowledge the postnatal beauty needs of mothers in Singapore. We treat a range of problems such as stretch marks, loose skin (tummy and vagina), c-section scars and excess hair growth/darkening of vagina and armpit areas.

Even if post-natal and weight loss issues are not the focus of your concern, we also offer a comprehensive range of treatments to address muscle toning and boyd contouring to change how you perceive your body. Begin your journey to a positive relationship with your body today.

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Body Contouring

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Weight Loss Clinic

Post-Natal Mummy Makeover

Our Body Treatments

Already know what treatment you want to try? Feel free to browse through the different treatments that we offer.

BTL Exilis

$250 per session

Botulinum Toxin

Botox for hyperhidrosis and muscle contouring $2000 for 200 units of botox


From $1,000


$400 per session


$150 per sessions

Icon System Laser (1540nm Fractional)

$500 per session

Swiss Color® Semi Permanent Embroidery

From $700 for eyebrows | From $600 for eyelid

Zlipo 360°

$500 per session