Treatments for Hair Loss

Successful treatment for hair loss is about having a good long-term plan. Full blood work and detailed family health history will help us to identify any inherited risk or nutritional deficiencies that may be causing your hair loss. Further analysis of the scalp and stage of current hair loss will allow us to customise a treatment plan for your specific needs. Our doctors will monitor your hair loss to keep the best visible results for as long as possible!

Oral Medication

On consult


On consult | Treats scalp inflammation and sets the foundation for a healthy scalp environment to support hair growth

Laser Therapy

On consult | Low-Level Laser Therapy using LEDs to transmit red light to increase cell metabolism and blood flow to the scalp.

LaseMD (Keralase)

$370 per session

Artas iX

$7.50 per graft


$6.50 per graft

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