Treatment for Acne & Scarring

Often characterised by whiteheads, blackheads and pimples, acne is a skin condition that can range from mild to severe and affect patients of all ages. Aim of treatment is to prevent and reduce resultant scarring of the skin. Effective treatment also helps patient regain confidencequickly.

Many over-the counter brands do not help much since acne is often hormonal. At The Urban Clinic, we are committed to helping you treat your acne from start to finish by treating the active breakout, reducing redness and sensitivity and finally treating old scars and hyper pigmentation. Some patients will require oral and topical prescription for best results. Extraction and deep cleansing can expedite recovery.

Laser treatment options often target reduction of inflammation and improvement of subsequent marks and scars.

Icon System Laser (Max G IPL)

From $200


$370 per session (including deep cleansing and extractions)


From $300

Rejuran S

From $700

Keloid Scar Injection

From $150

Steroid Injection

On request