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Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Singapore

Skin pigmentation treatment is commonly used to target certain skin conditions, skin discolouration and broken vessels that may be overly noticeable. Many people look for smooth, even-toned skin with this treatment, and the innovative technology used to target pigments can help achieve this look.

What treatment do we offer?

With the aim of minimum downtime and significant results, the clinic offers the Excel V laser for vascular conditions like skin discoloration and broken vessels (e.g. rosacea) as well as the Picosure laser for targeted removal of scars and pigmentation (e.g. freckles). The laser uses short bursts of light energy to target areas that are uneven or discoloured. Aside from targeting problem areas while minimizing damage of surrounding skin, both lasers also stimulate skin repair and natural healing.

For more significant skin lesions and nodules (e.g. warts) The Urban Clinic uses the Ellman Surgitron – a high frequency laser with incredible precision that ensures minimal to no scarring. Finally, our signature Lasemd facial is a laser assisted facial to enhance the penetration rate of our customized “TUC Booster Range” of serum ampoules into skin for nutrient absorption, ideal for resolving comedones, pores and pigmentation (e.g melasma).

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We offer a variety of services and treatments that are available for a multitude of conditions and desired looks. Our anti-aging, Botox injections will help with unwanted wrinkles, while our Korean facial treatment helps create a smoother, softer looking skin without blemishes.

If you are interested in any of the skin pigmentation treatments available at The Urban Clinic in Singapore, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your options. You can fill out your details online if you have any enquiries, or alternatively give us a call on +(65) 6254 0407 or +(65) 6254 0419.